Success and Failure


Most startups fail, yet most stories in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and movies are about startup successes. You learn more from failure than successes. This series explains what makes for startup success, what causes startup failures and looks at dozens of real companies to see what went wrong and what went right.

Taught by Shaula and Luni

Investing in startups is risk. How risky?

Investing in startup is risky

Advice from a very experienced Angel investor.

4 things to watch out for before investing

Analyzing hundreds of startups uncovers some patterns of success, and other patterns of common failures.

What makes startups succeed, and fail?

Enough of the examples too big and famous for Angels, let’s look at real startups of the scale that Angels could have invested in.

Success and failures in Fledge1

Lessons learned from the first seven fledglings, then more real world examples.

Lessons learned and more examples

It’s not failures all the way down. Three of the early fledglings are successes.

3 success stories

Now back to learning from failures, as there is more to learn from failure than success.

More real world failures

Often the big success is the company the crowd thinks is the most likely to fail.

Success at East Africa Fruits

It can take years to know the fate of a startup. Some are operating but whether they are successes or failures is yet to be determined.

Success at East Africa Fruits

Finally, we end on a high note, with 27 succeeding companies in Africa.

Success at Africa Eats

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