Financial Reports & Projections


As part of the due diligence process an investor should review the historic financial reports and forward looking financial projections of the company in question.

Part 1 – The three standard financial reports

Moving past the traditional three main reports, there is a fourth report you should be asking for and reviewing.

Part 2 – The fourth report

Even better than four reports is one. Here is a framework based on the income statement that puts everything you need onto a single page.

Part 3 – A single financial report

Understanding financial reports can be a challenge. That challenge increases when the accountant/CFO follows some bad (but common) practices

Part 4 – No Nos

The financial reports look backwards at what happened. The financial model looks forward to project what will happen in the future.

Part 5 – The financial model

Lastly, we take questions from the live audience (recorded at the first Angel Accelerator, powered by Fledge in 2020)