Angels Invest in Groups


Angels don’t invest alone, they flock together in groups by choice, and they invest alongside other Angels to pool together a whole round of capital.

Taught by Elaine and Luni

Angels are a big part of startup funding, but not the biggest part. Part two walks through all the major sources of startup capital.

The statistics of (American) startup capital

Like most industries, startup finance has its own jargon. Part three walks through the keywords.

The key jargon of startup fundraising

You can’t understand Angel investing without knowing at least a little bit about venture capital, and the history of VC is not what you think.

A quick history of venture capital

Venture capital funds also invest in groups, smaller groups than Angels. Angels have been following in the ways of VCs for decades.

How VCs and Angels both invest in groups.

What is an Angel Group and why are they so popular with Angels?

How do Angel Groups work?