Why Angel Investing?

It takes Angel investors to improve the world. Watch the video above to see why.

The Drought

Entrepreneurs are farmers of ideas.
Farmers who are living in a perpetual drought.
Farmers who fail more often than not, not because they don’t know how to farm, but because they are farming in a drought.

For the past few decades the incubators and accelerators have been teaching better farming practices. All this has done is create a flood of better farmers, but no more water for their crops.

This drought is the lack of capital to support the existing startups.

The Angel Accelerator is here to end the drought by tapping the local aquifer, which in this metaphor is the hundreds of millions of wealthy and middle class who exist in every city in the world, but who today do not invest in startups.

Teach them how to invest in startups and we end this drought.
Then, and only then will the entrepreneurs thrive. Everywhere.

Not enough Angels

Everyone thinks there are entrepreneurs everywhere (and that seems true), and everyone thinks there are Angels everywhere too (and that seems not as true).

The Angel Accelerator

The Angel Accelerator makes more Angel investors, teaching people how to invest in startups by having them invest in startups in a safe, controlled, curated program.


The program teaches a variety of topics. Participants meet weekly for lectures, workshops, and curated conversations.


Participants don’t just learn how to invest, they actually invest, using the capital from the participants, into investment(s) chosen by the cohort.


The new investors are then part of a global network of fellow graduates, with continued guidance to make more group-based investments.