Angel Investing 101


Let’s begin at the beginning, who are Angel investors, why do Angels invest, how they invest, how they know what to invest in, and how you can get started. (4 minutes)

What is an Angel investor?

How big is Angel investing as a economic sector? Is it true that most startups fail? If so, why would I consider being an Angel? (3 minutes)

Statistics and insights into Angel investing

Do Angel investors make money? They do?! Really? How much? (2 minutes)

Do Angels make money? Yes! How, and how much?

How do I build a portfolio of Angel investments? (3 minutes)

How many investments do I need to make?

Angel investing is a group activity. How do Angels organize themselves into groups? (2 minutes)

Structures of groups of Angel investors

What are the known ways startups fail and factors that lead them to success? (5 minutes)

What leads to startup success and failure?

Some Q&A (2 minutes)

A bit of Q&A on Angel investing

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