Pandemic leads to Hunger


The coronavirus pandemic is a global issue. As of early April, 2020, it was under control in China and South Korea, out of control in the United States and most of Western Europe, and just starting in India, Africa, and the rest of the so-called emerging market countries.

A primer on how fast the health crisis can grow

It is often overlooked that there are over 1 billion people in Africa. It’s the same population as India or China, but split across multiple countries.

Over 1 billion people live in Africa

Unlike Europe and the United States, not much can be done to mitigate the health crisis. It will grow, grow quickly, and be over quickly. Meanwhile, it will take down parts of the food system with it, and that could just as quickly lead to a hunger crisis that kills as many people as the virus.

Pandemics lead to hunger

What can we do to help? We can’t create new organizations from scratch to help, but we can empower dozens of companies already operating the food system to step in and fill gaps.

One solution to help mitigate the hunger crisis

You can help

More details and contact information for Africa Eats can be found on the Realize Impact website.

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