The Realities of Startups


It helps if investors put themselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs and understand why they are raising money, how hard that process is, and who else is funding these startups.

Part 1: How many startups are there in the world?

Setting the “stage” of the funding conversation…

Part 2: The Valley of Death

A deeper view into the Valley of Death in this TED Ed talk.

Why do startups bother to raise capital?

Part 3: What funding does for startups

Beyond Angels, where else do startups find capital?

Part 4: Sources of Capital

Why do so many startup fail? How can I tell if a startup is going to succeed?

Part 5: Startup failure and success

Q&A from actual Angels attending The Angel Accelerator.


The next time you see a startup pitch, step back and think about it from the entrepreneur’s point of view. Ask them how long they’ve spent raising money. Ask them if they prefer operating their company. If you like the company, consider not only investing but helping them finish the round.

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