California Capitalism & Two Alternatives


California is the epicenter of venture capital. That arm of finance is wrapped in a set of practices. This series unwraps the spoke and unspoken assumptions in the paradigm and presents two alternative models.

Part 1 – An intro to the topic and speaker

How old in venture capital? Far less old that you probably think.

Part 2 – A quick history of venture capital

Venture capital is a business. How does that business work? Does it work? What assumptions are obvious and which are unspoken and fragile?

Part 3 – The business model of venture capital

There are alternatives to the way California has defined venture capital. Methods that allow for investments in a far wider range of companies. Methods that allow for investing everywhere in the world, not just in the startup hot spots of the world. The first of these alternatives is revenue-based finance.

Part 4 – The alternative model of revenue-based finance

More details on revenue-based finance can be found in the book written by the speaker, as well as on his blog.

That is just one alternative. The other is perpetual capital, most commonly structured as an investment holding company, ideally a public company.

Part 5 – The alternative of perpetual capital